The Untold Story of Tana – Riri


Somewhere 1600 A.D.

In the Court of Akbar

It was late evening, the third prahar of the day, and the ministers and the court members along with the Navratnas were waiting for Akbar in Deewan-E-Khaas. The lanterns were lit low to give a warm and dim background which was set up for the Manoranjan-entertainment of Lord Akbar. On the Jharukhas- windows above the court were waiting the queens and other important mistresses-Daasis who ought to be the part of Deewan-E-Khaas address of that day.

The main guard near the entrance of Deewan-E-Khaas proclaimed the welcome when Lord Akbar appeared to be approaching the entrance.  “Shehenshaah-E-Hind Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar is now arriving in the court meeting of Deewan-E-Khaas”. The entire forum stands up in respect greeting the presence of their King, their Lord Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar. The chief of army stood up in attention saluting Akbar who took his entry along with his main queen Mariam-Uz-Zamani followed by  a mistress and four sepoys-guards. While the king along with his queen walked over the Shahi carpet and took their seats on to the mega-throne at the centre of the court, the chief of army proclaimed proudly “The Deewan-E-Khaas welcomes Shehanshah-E-Hind” and greeted the king of India with a welcome note.

Once Akbar and Mariam-Uz-Zamani had seated in their place, the entire forum took their seats followed by the queens and the mistresses behind the Parda  in Jharukha-window. The chief of army took his seat, who was followed by the main minister who stood up and bowed down to the king and began to brief the king along with the court with the agenda for their meeting then in the Deewan-E-Khaas. “I welcome King Akbar and everyone present here. We have met here in Deewan-E-Khaas in the third prahar phase of the day. We have gathered here for the Manoranjan of the King and her highness and hence the court. We begin by presenting the Swagat-Nritya Welcome dance, the requested and much awaited dialogue of Akbar with his one of the Navratna-Birbal and ending the meeting with Raag-Deepak to be presented by Tansen on a long pending special request of Lord Akbar”

After the briefings of the minister, the programme started with the welcome dance which mesmerized the audience in a fantasy. The enthrall and the joy was evident from the subtle smile of Akbar and the queen. It took everyone’s attention and each one of them was engrossed in the colourful picture of joy. However among all, there was one person who didn’t seem to be at peace. Amid the atmosphere of joy, what went unnoticed was a sign of discomfort and uneasiness on the expressions of Taansen-the musician among the Navratnas of Akbar.

The programme continued and cajoled everyone with the witty encounter of Akbar with Birbal and reached its climax. The main minister rose up and announced “Dear Lord, Now let me welcome Tansen-the sangeet Navratna-musician among the nine jewels of Akbar. On the long awaited request of Jahanpanah, today Tansen will be presenting the mystic Raag Deepak”

Tansen rose and came in the front , bowed down in respect to his king and sat down on the round red carpet formed in the middle. A mistress brought the instruments including the Tanpura* of Tansen. All the wax candles and the diyas were burnt off. The atmosphere was dark. The only source of light that came was from the main Mashal* which was burning on the side of the throne of the king.

In the dark, the king broke the silence “Dear Tansen, I am glad that you are going to satiate my wish to listen Raag Deepak from you. I am sure your maestro  riaz and Sur is definitely going to enlighten the court and spread the pure light of divinity. Go on my dear friend.”

After the king’s humble address to Tansen, Tansen was  touched. He was determined to sing come what may. He nervously responded his king “Jahanpanah, your wish is my command. I will definitely try to give my best today. I hope my god of music supports me.”

Feeling the nervousness in Tansen’s voice, Akbar responeded immediately “Tansen, is there any problem you may like to share with me? Or is it my doubt that in this dark I am unable read your face. Why are you sounding so nervous? This has never happened before.”

Tansen gathered the courage and replied with a firm voice “No Lord! Everything is the same and normal. I shall begin now”

Tansen closed his eyes and quietly chanted  some mantras and prayed to his god. He then began the mighty and mystic raag Deepak. As the singing progressed, it started with its first effect by lighting up a small diya besides the the throne of Queen. Mariam-Uz-Zamani was happy and delighted. The king acknowledged her in response. Seemingly, it started to lit up every single diya in the court. The singing of Tansen as usual was nothing less than masterpiece and pure but the effect that it had spread across that evening was mesmerizing. As the music reached the climax, entire court was already decorated with innumerable diyas and lamps which was never a view like this before. King Akbar was more than pleased and started gazing at Tansen in awe and praise.

Tansen continued the singing but the discomfort on his face was increasing. It no longer was unnoticeable and Akbar got a sense of it. Tansen’s eyes were closed but an expression of pain was clearly evident his face. Soon the audience could see his skin turning red.

King stood up immediately and approached climbing down towards Tansen. He roared loudly “Tansen, stop!” Everyone was taken aback. Tansen broke his singing and opened his eyes and found his Jahanpanah standing very next to him. He tried to stand up but could not move. Akbar gave him a hand and signaled the helpers to bring aasana for Tansen.

King continued “Tansen, are you not feeling well? Why is your skin turning red? ?” Tansen could barely  speak an mumbled while saying “It is the effect of Raag Deepak… Lord. The body starts to burn from inside along with the lamps and diyas”

The anger was evident from Akbar’s temple. Queen was shocked already and everyone present there could hardly move. King continued with deep concern and apology in his voice “Tansen, when you knew it before about this after effect,why didn’t you tell me the same upfront?” King abruptly commanded “Minister, please call Vaid ji”

Tansen mumbled “Jahanpanah, your wish is my command. I cannot dare or wish to say no to it. It is my pleasure to please you sir” Kings eyes were filled with pain and he roared “Vaid ji, Please come to Deewan-E-Khaas”

Tansen again mumbled “Vaid ji won’t help.. it’s only Raag Megh Malhar that can do”

Birbal soon presented one of the music team members of Tansen and continued quickly “Lord, I enquired about this. No remedy and medical treatment can cure Tansen’s pain. He will continue to have this burning sensation. The only remedy  is Raag Megh Malhar”

King asked the members of Tansen’s music Mandali “Why can’t any of you sing that now!”

They dared to speak but Birbal interrupted “Lord, no one from them holds that expertise unlike Tansen. Tansen can be cured only if some maestro singer of his equivalent level of expertise and purity can sing Raag Megh Malhar. Raag Megh malhar if sung with that purity and distinctiveness can produce rains. Tansen’s body can only be healed by the water of those rains. “ Birbal bowed in front of Akbar apologetically.

Akbar was tensed. The expression of helplessness was visible on his face. He immediately commanded “Where can we find that maestro singer? Birbal !” He ranted “I want Tansen to be fine at the earliest.”

Birbal replied in sorrow “Sir, we are not aware where can we find such a maestro singer”

Akbar commanded “Then we certainly have to find. Take one of the army convoy along with  Tansen and search across country. There must be some maestro singer who can help our man, my  Tansen” His voice in command yet in pain. The helpers along with Vaid ji, took Tansen out of Deewan-E-Khaas and it was followed by King and the Queen.

The minister rose to address the rest of the audience as Akbar left the place “We now adjourn the proceedings of Deewan-E-Khaas for today”


Somehwere 1600A.D. In the village of Vadnagar (now in Gujarat, India)

“Sharmishtha ben… Are the twin ready?” A voice knocked the door

Sharmishtha, draped in Red and green Bandhani Sari, came out to see who has come on her door. It was early morning, and the sun was about to rise. Sharmishtha had just finished her bathing and her puja. She approached to the main gate from her small garden in front of their house where she had decoratively kept earthen pots, few plants and well paved sideway with a Banyan tree protecting their low lying house with its humongous shade.

She opened the small gate and popped her face out and gratified to the person standing there “Oh pujari ji! Welcome! Suprabhat!” It was their Hatkeshwar-Main shiv temple’s main Pujari ji who had knocked their door early that morning.

“Suprabhat Sharmishtha! I am going to the temple now and was wondering if I can take the girls along. Where are they?” Pujari asked

Sharmishtha responded in her sweet voice “Pujari ji, Tana-Riri are just getting ready. I will send them right away to the temple as soon as they get ready.” Saying this, Pujari ji nodded and proceeded on his way  to temple.

Tana-Riri were the twin daughters of Sharmishtha who lived in Vadnagar along with them and her husband. Her twin daughters Tana-Riri were the jewel of their parents and too of the Village. The family  of  Sharmishtha belonged to Nagar community who were considered learned and highly qualified at that time.The twin sisters were considered expert in singing and used to  do their sangeet aradhana Music riaz every day in front of their idol of the deity at Shiv temple Hatkeshwar in vadnagar.

“Maa… “ A sweet and small voice came from the kitchen. It was Tana calling her mother from the kitchen. She was young girl, fair in complexion, sharp featured and dressed in Pink coloured golden bordered Chaniya -long skirt and similar coloured blouse with a parrot green Pachhedo -a dupatta. She was drinking water from the pot when Sharmishtha came in.

“What happened Tana? Where is Riri? Arent you both getting late for the puja? Pujari ji was already calling you long back” Sharmishtha uttered hastily.

“Maa.. Riri is the one who is making it late. I already told her that we will be late and might cross the Puja Muhurat. Pujari ji will be really angry” Tana chuckled

“I am here Tana… Maa….Let’s go” Riri called from outside the gate. She had the same features as her twin sister Tana. Same face, same structure. She was dressed in blue blouse and similar skirt with golden border and a Cream Pachhedo-dupatta.

Sharmishtha called out “Both of you, where are your Vajintras?” Sharmishtha was asking them for their musical instruments.

“Maa… we had left them in the temple yesterday after the evening Aarti” Riri replied

Sharmishtha nodded and three of them left hastily for the temple.

The temple was huge and old Hatkeshwar-Lord Shiva temple carved with scriptures and figures on it. The villagers had gathered there for their morning Aarti. As Tana-Riri entered the temple with their mother, both of them were greeted by everyone along with Pujari ji who was waiting there.

They bowed down and touched Pujari ji’s feet and Pujari ji, bestowed them saying “Ayushmaan Bhava”

“Hope we are not late” Tana said apologetically.

“No dear, you are on time. Let’s begin the Aarti” Pujari ji assured Tana and  lighted the Aarti thaal -the plate of aarti with numerous diyas in it.

Tana and Riri sat in Padmasan, their hands folded in front of the idol of deity and  started the stuti.

Everyone there folded their hands and prayed. The atmosphere became sacred as Tana-Riri began their stuti. It was mesmerizing. Everyone were in their state of meditation. The birds had stopped their chirping. The winds had lowered the breeze. The temple bells started to tune and ring along with the Tanpura tune played by the twin sisters. It appeared as if their music is driving the world for a moment there.

Finally the girls ended their Stuti  and bowed down to Namaskar to their god. The bells stopped ringing, the sounds came to normalcy. Pujari ji came close to the sisters who had stood up besides their mother and said “The many more times I say this to you will be less in comparison to the Vardaan-blessings that you have got from your forefather Narsinh Mehta. You both are blessed.”

Riri replied in gratitude “It is all that we have received in blessing from elders and our god. It is God’s presence which makes you feel so, we are just normal singers otherwise.”

Everyone was touched by their humble gesture.

Pujari ji proclaimed the audience “Nagar jano, Prabhat Aarti Samapt. It is the end of the morning Aarti. We gather again today in the evening.”

Tana Riri clasped the hands of their mother “Maa.. Let’s go. Hurry up! Pitaji must be waiting for us.” Tana said dragging her mother towards their home.”We need to Riaz as well and then the Vidyalaya-schooltime” Riri continued

Sharmishtha responded “Yes girls. Let’s go.”

On the way, mothers and daughters were chit chatting when Sharmishtha reminded her daughters by taking them in embrace “Tana-Riri, my girls! You are really blessed with the Surs from my grand father and your grand grand father Narsinh Mehta. It is all the blessing of him and our god. Promise me, you will never ever sing or showcase your talent in front of anyone else but our God and our community. You are not made for anyone else’s entertainment. The blessings to you are only meant to worship and to make other’s lives better if it Is needed. This art, the way you sing and the bells start ringing, the hymns that we listen, the rains from your Raag Malhar are not natural and are gifted and has come with great practice and riaz that you do. Please promise me you will never showcase it to others for just a purpose of entertainment or pleasure. “

“We promise Maa… We already have that vow.“ The girls were serious then.

The days passed and the village of Vadnagar witnessed different levels of Raagas and their supernatural effects in the form of their worship to god. The talent of the girls was now not only limited to Vadnagar but it has spread far across the other cities like Ahmedabad and beyond. The girls had often received requests to sing in a forum in front of many dignitaries but they had always denied to the requests owing to the vow and promise that they had taken.

Like any  other day, the village had gathered in the Prangan-the ground outside the temple for their evening Aarti.

There was some time before the Aarti Muhurat and everyone was discussing their daily lives and village gossips when a huge Chariot arrived in front of them. The village Mukhiya – the ruler of Vadnagar had accompanied the persons in the Chariot. They seemed to belong to some royal family  dressed in coulourful rich  attires.

From the chariot appeared young man with a round shield and a Talwar in his hand. He was followed by a wrecked man held by two guards. The man seemed in a medically poor condition. The man with the shield bowed in front of the public and addressed in a proclaiming voice “I am the Chief of Mughal Army and he is Tansen-one of the Navratna of Mughal Samrat Akbar” and indicated in direction of Tansen who seemed really bad illed wounded and scared. He could not speak and folded hands in front of the public. The chief of Mughal Army continued “We are here in the pursuit of maestro singers Tana-Riri. We have heard about them far in the north. We want to meet them.”

Listening to this the villagers were taken aback. There were mixed expressions on their face but majority of them were scared in the name of Mughal Emperor Akbar. Sharmishtha and her husband who were standing at a distance signaled Tana-Riri to stay inside the temple and not to come out until they are asked to do so.

Sharmishtha came forward and humbly asked the Chief “What is it about? I am Sharmishtha-mother of Tana-Riri. Why are you looking for my daughters. What have they done?”

Before the chief could speak ahead Tansen mumbled in his weak voice “I need… their help. I want them to sing Raag Megh Malhar”

He pointed his finger on his body and continued “I had been suffering from the after effects of singing Raag Deepak. I want them to free me from this pain, this burning that has captured my body.” He appalled.

The chief of Mughal army narrated the entire story to the villagers of Vadnagar and to Sharmishtha in specific. He pleaded them to bring Tana-Riri and free Tansen from his pain.

Sharmishtha was taken into shock and pain after listening to this story. She went back to her husband to discuss in private what can be done. Meanwhile Tana-Riri who were hideously listen to this conversation from inside the temple appeared

“Maa… We can sing Raag Megh Malhar for him. It is just a help Maa. We should do it. We are ready” Both Tana and Riri acknowledge to their  parents. Parents gave a thoughtful yet concerned look to each other yet nodded in agreement. Daughters moved forward towards Tansen and their Parents followed them.

Tana-Riri bowed down to the strangers whom they had seen for the first time and with great humbleness they both greeted them in union “Namastey”

Tansen responded “Namastey!”

Tana continued “We know the effects of Raag Deepak and that have felt the same in our past, however both of us never sing that Raag together. Either I sing it and Riri soothes me with Raag Megh Malhar or vice-versa”

Tansen was astounded “But dear little goddesses of music. I had no other option and that is why now I have come to you. Please free me from this pain? Please for the heavens, for the connection of our music, sooth me out from this burns”

Tana – Riri nodded in union and sat down on the floor of the ground. They laid the Tanpura in the front and started the Raag- Megh Malhar. Tansen sat in front of them and everyone gazed the three music maestros with eagerness, awe and curiosity. It was a bright dusk yet the cloud started to gather up in the sky. The winds became cold and misty. The waters of the Taalab near the temple started gushing fast.

The two young girls spread their sweet musical melody up in the sky and in the surrounding. The clouds began to roar and that was backed by the lightening. A shimmer of water droplets began to fall. It was as appeasing and fresh like the droplets of pearl. The atmosphere appeared to be pious. The fragrance of the mist was soul refreshing. The first droplet fell on Tansen’s hand and it healed one of his deep burn there.

He was surprised and happy as if he has touched heavens. Soon the droplets converted to the rains. The everyone there started searching for a roof to avoid themselves from getting wet. Unlike others, the three maestros of music, Tana, Riri and Tansen were seated still where they were. Tansen was fully drenched in water and one by one his burns started to heal. His expressions were changing and it seems he was in a trans. He could not believe his body turning cool and to normal.  He felt perfectly fine and the sense of wellness was clearly appearing from his gestures. The Chief of Mughal Army appeared more than happy that time.

Seeing Tansen relieved from all fury and pains, Tana-Riri folded their hands in front of them and ended their musical note. Tansen bowed in front of the girls and greeted them “You both are jewels. You are precious and divine. You really are blessed. I am myself a singer yet I will not refrain to praise you in any which aspect I have heard. It is just not the experience and the practice that you have with you, it is much more than that. I will surely tell my Lord Akbar about you and he will be very glad to know this. Shukriya! Dhanyavadam! Tana-Riri, you and your music… may it be remembered till eternity! Thank you so much.”

Tansen had tears in his eyes while praising the girls and the villagers of Vadnagar were awestruck to see the amalgamation of the then glorious singer of Mughal emperor and their very own twin Maestros Tana-Riri.

Soon after spending a night in Vadnagar the Mughal convoy along with Tansen retreated to the Mughal Court.

There in Vadnagar, the musical tradition of Tana-Riri continued. After few days, yet after another morning aarti, Sharmishtha was doing her household chores and her husband was sitting in the garden when someone knocked their door.

Sharmishtha approached towards the door and was surprised. It was the Chief of Mughal Army. “Madam, may come inside? I would like to discuss something with you and your husband”

“Sure” She showed him the way inside their house. Her husband greeted him and asked him to be seated on their small aasana on the floor. Sharmishtha was uncomfortable as she had never expected the person of such high dignity to be arriving at their door steps.

Sharmishtha offered him some edibles and he indicated them his intent of visting Vadnagar again “I want to  talk to Tana-Riri. I have a message for them from our Mughal Emperor Shehanshah Akbar”

Before Sharmishtha’s husband would make any decision, Tana-Riri appeared from inside. They both bowed down to the Mughal Chief in union and sat besides their father on the floor. The Mughal Army Chief continued “I have come here with a message  of welcome from our Lord Akbar for Tana-Riri. He was too pleased to listen how you both healed his precious jewel Tansen. He is overwhelmed to welcome you and perform in his court. He has sent me to take you both to the Royal Court of our Lord Akbar and oerform there in Deewan – E- Khaas. Let me tell you, you little twin maestros you are very fortunate to have received this invitation directly from our Lord Akbar and very few till date have  pleased him the way you have done by healing his favourite Tansen. “

Sharmishtha was listening to the conversation standing in the doorways. Tana-Riri shrugged in negation. Before they could utter anything in return the Chief interrupted “It is an invitation, I hope you understand. I am asked to take you both by the end Prahar  of the day”

Tana-Riri stood up in silence and asked the Chief to wait “We will be back soon Maa….Pitaji… I request you all to wait. We will visit the temple before any decision” said Tana and clasped the hand of Riri and disappeared from the gateways

Riri shouted while running “Tana where are we going? What are we supposed to do? What about our vow?”

Both of them bowed in front of the idol of their deity and ran towards the banks of the taalab-the village pond and sat there.

“Riri, we cannot do this, I hope you know that” Tana said with a tensed voice

“Tana , I know. We are not made for this” Riri had tears in her eyes.

Both the sisters hugged each other “Should we deny? What will they do with our village? Our parents?” Tana continued “What do we do Riri? The chief has summons from Lord Akbar. He is powerful and the king. It will also not be right to reject the invitation from the king himself”

Riri added “And  by our rejection, it will be never be easy to sustain for our community and our village at such peace that we are today. We have already heard about the Mughal and the way they march ahead in expansion of their reign”

Tana was shattered in tears “We just helped the maestro Tansen. I never though our music and our vow to the God will put us and our village and family in such a situation.”

“Tana, we should pray. We cannot obey to the invitation of Lord Akbar, nor can we disobey our vow, our religion, our music and our parents. Let’s pray. We shall get our way out from this situation.” Riri closed her eyes and Tana followed her sister.

Both folded their hands and started praying. They stood up and proceeded closer to the banks of the Taalab. With closed eyes they started going down the steps in the pond. The twins were going down and water was rising up the level. They clasped each others hands and disappeared deep into the auspicious waters of the pond which was later known as Sharmishtha Taalab. They drowned not themselves, but the  confusion and the dilemma they had. They ended their lives making their music immortal. They then lived ever after in the form of their music not only in Vadnagar but beyond the miles way ahead in the reigns and origins of India till today and ever after.



Akbar and his Court after Tana-Riri

The Chief was standing in the court. His head down and hands folded in front of the King.

“I did not expect this news on your return from Vadnagar” said Akbar

“Sir, things were not in our hand. I have already explained you’re their tradition, their rituals and the vow of the twin” said the Chief of the Mughal army apologetically.

“Yes I very well understood that. But… it was never a compulsion that I have laid. It was an invitation which the twins were free to reject. I am really upset by what has happened. Somwhere I really feel that I am responsible for their death. Though in the name of Allah, may their souls rest in peace, but I believe that their parents will always blame me for this loss. I really want to meet their parents. Please immediately arrange for my visit to Vadnagar.” Said Akbar

Few days later, Akbar was sitting on the floor in the main room in Sharmishtha’s house. It was the same place where the Chief of Mughal army had proposed the invitation to Mughal court to Tana-Riri.  Akbar had tears in his eyes when he spoke to the parents of the maestro twins “I have no words to say and I erally  consider myself responsible for your loss. It is not only your loss, it is the loss of this whole world of art and music. They were the ones to give life to Tansen-my jewel and I can never imagine this to happen to them. Though I have no right to say but I really ask for my apology” Akbar had folded handed and head down in front of Sharmishtha and her husband.

The parents shrugged in acknowledgement.

“I really am touched by the victory of art and music. I have always learnt to win battles, expand the reign and victory has always been my passion. But today this legend maestro twin sisters Tana-Riri have made me learn a lesson, that no matter how worthy you are, how strong you are, you can never win the form of art by your skills to conquer. Today, this innocent form of art has won in front of me and the name of Tana-Riri will be known for their pure music for the rest of the years till eternity.”



This story is my first attempt to provide a showcase to the folk stories and for its debut, I have chosen this story which has been very famous in the state of Gujarat from where I belong. This story is a work of imagination and fiction and the instances and the occasions narrated are imaginary. Though the baseline of this story belongs to a true story however the dialogues and the narration is imaginary to give a dramatic effect. This story has no relevance or any offence against any caste, creed, religion or region.

The story of Tana-Riri is a real story and holds its significance in world heritage. They belonged to the town of Vadnagar which is also the home town of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Today, as a tribute, two temples have been created in the town of Vadnagar which are then known as Tana-Riri Deri.


Written By -Darshi Vasavada

The Untold Story of Tana – Riri

I AM HAPPY!!!- A poetry

I am happy.

Coz I have no proper reason to be sad .  


For whatever I have faced till date , 

I haven’t found  anyone to put blame upon or to feel bad .


“Why me?” Was the common question I often used to ask my near one .

Haywire they stand and eventually no answer has ever come.


It’s difficult to find my answers or rather it’s impossible

And I realized that for my situation ideally no one is responsible


So should I blame myself ?

Or pass it on to the eternal power of world-The god himself ?


But why should I take it upon me….

Actually I already have enough of external blames to sort out and to see


And my mighty God also replied “hey Darshi”

“Pls don’t bother me coz I am really busy “


Now! What do I do?

I am left with no one to curse upon, blame , fight or to sue 


Don’t you think it’s a problem 

No! Not at all….

Here lies my solution !!!


Why would I spend so much time…

To figure out the culprit for the situation of mine. 


I am really really happy ,that I have no one to blame or to feel bad 

Nor I have any proper reason to be sad ….


Someone may say I am pretending to be great or I’ve gone nuts and crazy

And with the challenges I have, you may consider yourself more lucky. 


Oh Please! cut this game 

Of such endless comparison and numerous blame 


Let’s put our lives howsoever difficult, in a positive frame 

And live beyond the horizons of endless blames.


Let’s all be equally lucky. 

And jump along in the sea of happiness and sanctity


May be you have lots of curses and list of complaints

But from all these blames what will you gain.. except hatred and internal pain?


My dear! Gone is bygone and deeds cannot be reversed

But we can always pacify our mind and spread positivity in the surrounding world


Let’s make our lives more simple and serene…

Let’s not point fingers upon and assume that no one spoiled our scene.


Let’s learn to be happy and stop searching the reasons to be sad

Let’s stop putting blames and avoid feeling bad…



For those who know me and those who don’t, I am Darshi Vasavada, I have visual impairment by birth and a syndrome called Kartagener’s syndrome (dextrocardia) which causes my heart on the right.

I generally  do not prefer to write on myself or mention my experiences on any public content but today there is a reason. When I see people in hardships and getting hurt and sad by putting blames on others who may/may not be responsible for their situations, it often reminds me of my  childhood.

For my problems and challenges, I often used to have lot of questions and allegations. “Why only me for all these situations?” was the question, I used to ask my parents when I used to see my friends doing many things very swiftly unlike me.

Lately, I realized that there is no one responsible for my situation and instead of finding faults and culprit, I started to find a positive way around. This made my  life more simple and inculcated more gratitude towards almighty and my near ones. When I see people fighting with others, putting blames upon, I often feel like explaining them that life without blames is much more beautiful and there is a great power in forgiveness. It is difficult not to blame others and I too need to learn that yet, but I have understood that it is much easier to let go things and forgive.


This poem is an outcome of my thoughts and it is not for any particular person. I may not have said this directly to anyone and everyone as I don’t think I am that great to give an advise or suggestion and hence presenting my thoughts in the form of a poem.


Thanks! Hope you like it!

Stay happy!


I AM HAPPY!!!- A poetry


I had been to Dubai with my parents this Diwali and I know it is nothing special as thousands of us must have visited Dubai once or may be many times. But for me, it was special. Not only the beauty but the incredible time and incidents amazed me beyond my expectations.

It was the last day of our trip and me along with my parents were In a spree to finish and cover as many places as we could just like any normal Indian would do!

We had a glimpse of Ibn Batuta mall and left for Deira City. The metro was mostly occupied though I and mom got the pink line seats reserved for females but Papa could not manage to find one. Mummy pointed a seat which happened to be empty at a distance but as usual Papa could not make it through and decided to stand near the doors.

After a couple of minutes and may be after two stations, Papa finally got the seat near the door and I could sense a sigh of relief on my Mom’s face.

Amid all this, I realized it will be a long ride to Deira and decided to sleep but the scary thoughts of returning back to Jamshedpur day after tomorrow and getting back to the same boring routine occupied my mind. Jamshedpur is actually boring.. I told to myself. Maybe Jamshedpur is not so boring but definitely Dubai is so exciting a second thought emerged. Are these two places worth comparing?…. Between all these monologues, I got disturbed by the hustles at a station where the metro had just stopped.

Soon the doors were closing and a recorded voice announced in a polite Arabic tone “Al Abwab Botoghlak Doors Closing!”.

Suddenly I spotted a middle aged couple who had just entered the metro and was searching for seats. The lady approached towards the pink line seats near us however her husband like my father could not manage to find any.

The lady had put on black suit with smart embroidery and politely asked my mother in Hindi “Can I sit here?”

She seemed frustrated and started blaming the laws “There are so many seats empty over here but  they are reserved for women and can’t be occupied by men” Her concern for her husband could be marked from her expressions.

She continued “And you know, my husband is too shy and polite that he will not ask anyone to give him a seat even though he is suffering from fever” I must say her language was really pure and polite with an essence of Urdu.

That wife factor in my mom suddenly got awake “Yes, and so is mine. He faced the same problem. It was difficult to manage a seat for him as well. He is also too shy to tell or approach anyone for a seat!”

And soon this common wifehood factor made both the ladies empathize. The environment becomes quite friendly, when you share the common language and common pain point millions of miles away from your country.

Both the ladies had almost started never ending conversations about their families and it gave me a sense of commonness and familiarity while listening to their conversations. However, I was indifferent with that conversation and was too tired to keep awake but my curious human psychology had started judging her and was eager to know more about her background. She appears to be a Muslim, though which part of the India she might be from? Or does she live in Dubai? She seems to be quite rich…She has an iphone…. Must be from Dubai! My mind actually started wondering couple of such things.

Coincidentally or not, but my mother also thought on similar lines, and unlike me within no time she had all rapport to discuss every thing with that lady “Where are you from?” My mom asked and digital reflex of my mind had pre-decided either of the two answers Some Indian state, may be Punjab or  it should be  Dubai

“Lahore” she said.

Lahore? Pakistan!  I could see that similar surprisingly shocked expression on my mom’s face as well.

She is from Pakistan? Did I hear it wrong? Why am I so surprised? I was really stunned and confused at the same time. This has been the sixth and the last day for me in Dubai and I had come across many people who belonged to Pakistan. There were lot of taxi drivers, shopkeepers whom we talked for a while and they had represented their identities as that of a Pakistani. But then today, I am shocked. Is it because I expected her nationality to be something else? Why is it so shocking and unacceptable to an extent? Because my mind is unable to accept that commonness we shared with her and her nationality together in same person?

May be unlike me, my mother had a lesser intensity of shock and she easily swallowed her feelings and continued the conversation “Oh! You are from Pakistan. Great. Lahore… must be a nice city. Right? You and your family live there?”

‘Yes, Lahore has turned to be a very beautiful city over the period. My whole family lives there though few of my siblings are also settled in Karachi” She replied positively. To her, it was not a shock. Nor did she ask our identity which showed that she knew we were from India. May be that shocking expressions were quite revealing.

Again that old rapport between the ladies, which had faded after knowing the nationalities, started gaining pace. The nationality shock worked more than a huge cup of Starbucks coffee to me. I was fully awake and fully interested in the talks between the ladies and even felt like participating in the conversation myself, at few instances.

“I love the Pakistani embroidery and specially the Dupattas and Shawls” My mother revealed her love for clothes.

“Oh yes. They are awesome and very deep and minute art.” She approved and continued “Even I am a big fan of the Indian silk sarees, I just bought a rich Banarasi silk few months back for a wedding”

Banarasi silk in The Pakistan?  Now these conversations are out of my belief and amazement. I felt really surprised and disturbed with lot of questions in my mind as the conversation progressed.

By that time, my mother just opened her phone and started showing her pictures of sarees and suits. Considering that she also unlocked her I-phone and struggled to open some pictures. She could not find the ones she wanted and asked me “Beta, can you search the images in my phone?” I was more than happy to get that role in that conversation.

I went through some images and could find some pictures which she acknowledged. She showed some collections to my mother “See this is the Indian Silk saree I bought from Singh brothers, an Indian Silk store in Karachi”

Indian Silk Store in Pakistan? Really? Few things were beyond my imagination. I had heard of Indian stores in USA, UK and seen few in Asian countries but never heard of Indian store in Pakistan and never even thought upon it.

“But I have also collections from Indian designer Satya Paul which I ordered along with some relatives who had gone to india. They are just awesome. It costed me 27000 in Pakistani currency. I love Indian silk sarees” Passion for owing sarees was clearly evident from her face.

“Ohh, you can get it much cheaper than the price you got it for.” My mother said

“I really wish I could visit India.” She said it with an expression on her face which showed that she hardly believed what she said.

“Please do come to India. It is a very good place.” My mother took a pause and continued “You may contact me, I will show you places for shopping”

My mom just said that? I really could not figure out for the reason, but I felt proud of mom when she said these lines. But along with that my curious and detective mind again started judging the situation. How will she come? Will she come? How will she contact us? Will my mom give our contact number to that lady? At some moment I also feared the CBI, as exchanging or having Pakistani contact number might lead to some serious questions.

Nothing such happened and then what she asked was really awkward to me

“How can we come to India? I mean do you really think is it safe for us?” She was concerned and puzzled.

I must say she gave a thought for coming to India at least. But I was a bit annoyed and infact angry with her question.  What kind of image she has in her mind for our country? Does all Pakistanis hold the same image?

“No no! It is perfectly safe. In fact, no one would even care about your identity. India is very safe. You will receive a very warm welcome. “ My mother has thoughts, more sorted than me. Thinking it more logically, I felt that may be we also bear the same and may be even more negative image for Pakistan in our minds as well. She thought the same.

“Really? Actually I must admit, that both of our countries and more importantly the residents of countries, are actually very good hearted. Pakistan has also developed a lot in past few decades and turned to be a much safer place to live. I think, due to some unknown reason, we have developed a very negative image for each other. I must say this is all due to politics or may be something else.”

I was more than emotional after listening to this. I really don’t realize the reason but her words really dragged me into a sea of deep thoughts, mixed feelings and many questions.

“Yes, everything is politics and it took birth at the time of British rule.” My mother affirmatively agreed.

“You are right! We follow West Culture.  We wear western clothes and we love to be like them. We wish to owe their fashion, their trend. I am not against British or any other nation but to me, that British reign was the real reason behind our partitions. No one in Pakistan or India gives a thought, that we still love those who actually left our two countries in an endless war situation and we hate our Indian counterparts were our roots lie back in history.” The only thing I thought Is she really from THAT country?

“Beta, please keep track of the stations. I need to get down at Al Rigga.” She said to me

“Yes aunty, I will. It is just after the next station. We are about to reach Burjuman” I replied mildly.

“Is she your only daughter?” she asked my mom

“Yes” Mom said proudly

“Very pretty, I must say very good girl!”

Soon we reached her station, she stood up and her husband was already waiting near the doors. She wished us.

“Chaliye. Khuda Afis” And she shook hands with mother and  me and they got down the metro.


Our destination was 2 stations away and her handshake had properly shaken me off from inside out. I just had a handshake with a P A K I S T A N I. I don’t know but this hand shake has really touched and impacted me a lot than any other handshakes till now.

It came to my mind again and again. I could not believe I had such kind of conversation with a citizen of that country which I considered to be a staunch enemy and nothing less or more than that. After talking to her I am really confused about my own thought process. I am confused and doubtful whether I should blame that country and it’s citizens or should I believe to whatever happened in that moment and give it a new thought?

They talk the same way as we do. They wear similar patterns and have similar interests. They eat similar cuisines. They actually watch ‘Kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and so do we watch ‘Zindagi Gulzar hai’. More than this, we have relatives and blood relations to some extent in each other’s countries. And we stay together, share houses being in foreign countries as if everything is normal. But still we are enemies in eyes of each other and in the eyes of the world. Why? I really don’t know WHY?

So where lies the problem? Is it in the history that we share? Is it the politics? Is it the external world which is taking the undue advantage? Is it the terrorism? Or we really do not even know the reason?


We, the youths of 21st century in India are born many years after independence and we have always seen Pakistan as an enemy right from our very birth. But we have not seen the fact that there also humans like us reside and the same is applicable to them. This was the reason, our elders born before independence have always been doubtful before quoting anything negative against them. They always refer to some history or some cause or story whenever this issue comes into discussion.

So where is the fault? Who is the culprit? Who is our enemy? And who should be blamed?

The fault is in the upbringing and in the lessons and the environment we see, right from our childhood. All history books, let it be in India or in Pakistan, definitely taught us about The fight for Freedom, Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah and all the freedom fighter stories. It also taught us about British concept of Divide and Rule. But at the same time it also taught us about all the Indo-Pak wars Kargil war etc. But still the lessons failed to teach us the concept of humanity.

Yes! It failed to teach us, that though there are wars, there are differences, but we at India and too at Pakistan are the same breed of humans. We follow similar cultures, similar lifestyles, food habits. But still we not only consider, the country as an enemy, but some political parameters have made us lose our capacity to think that there exist a similar life and a heart on the other end beyond the borders and those lives are innocent. They hardly care what is happening over the borders.

We just hate them, and every citizen there. Why? Do we know them? Have they personally come to fight with us? No. Then how can we hate the entire nationality without knowing about their natures and personalities.

But this is not our fault. This is fault of the lessons, and the culture in which we are brought up. Had we been taught the lessons of humanity, the scenario must have been different. There would have been lesser wars between the two countries. And lesser or no third party terrorism who just keeps on taking advantage in the name of this row between the countries.

That day, that moment, and that location-Dubai, was more auspicious and pure than any Shubh Muhurat or Mecca or Ayodhya to me. It gave me a better perspective to see the world, and it made me to rethink and overcome my confusion and half cooked thoughts and perceptions.

To me, Dubai has served more than any pilgrimage place!



India is free but is it truly Independent?

Today is the 71st Independence Day of India and we celebrate the joy of patriotism and freedom on this day. But when we say We are Independent and Free we should be careful enough to understand the importance and gravity of these two words INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM

Definitely India as a country is free but the question still prevails: Are we really Independent?

We must truly appreciate the Independence day speech of PM Narendra Modi, who mentions his dreams to move towards an era from “Chalta hai” attitude to “Badalna Hai” attitude. For this change to be implemented, firstly citizens of India should know the status quo that is prevalent. Everyone knows and celebrates the fact that India is free and independent and we have all the required rights to exercise and live freely. But my dear friends, do we really know what is Independence from a national perspective?

I am not an economist, nor I am any expert to comment on anything but to my knowledge, a nation achieves independence in various aspects and not just the political aspect. Definitely we are politically free and acting as a free nation since 70 years but where do we stand in the league of Independence when we consider other major aspects? Are we not still suffering from poverty? Aren’t we still scratching our heads on unemployment?

We got the brilliant brains, as we always say when we boast about our country’s intellectual wealth but then where are those brains when it comes to 130 crore population. We might be in the race giving cut to cut competition to many countries like US and China in the IMF’s GDP projected rankings but are we really a safe, strong and wealthy country that PM wants?

If not, then why? Do we have any answers to it? Yes!

To establish the New India concept as rightly said by PM Modi, we should strive ahead from the Chalta Hai attitude to the Badalna Hai-The change attitude. But what should this change be like? Should it be just a central or state government strategy? Or should it be in our hearts?

To back it with some fact, let us target the cream education fields which almost every parent want their child to be in: Engineering, Management, Medical.

According to FY’15 records, every year India produces 1.4 million engineers across the country. Just a simple question to all those dear friends: Are you satisfied with your degree? Did you get what you wanted? You might say yes to boast your abilities but not less than 50% of the engineering fellows from common state universities knows how happy they are?

Dear engineering friends, in whatsoever field you are say IT, Computer Science or Electronics or say mechanical etc just try to use google and get to know the share of business of India in world for whatever industry you are in. Some percentages might be high where as others might be low, but the harsh reality of today is that many of our fellow fresh engineering graduates are unemployed, or poorly paid.

Now the next question is whom do you blame for this situation? The university which could not manage to give you placements? Or your grades? Or the country’s economic set up which failed to produce a decent job for you? Surely. One of these might be your answer but hold on for a while to get on to the real answer.

Let us come to the next hot educational field: Management

I am an MBA. So what? Are you satisfied? You even do not know Why You did MBA but let us leave that part for now. The question again is are you satisfied? Again most of you though being an IIM graduate actually know the answer. You might be satisfied but to your heart not fully satisfied.

Whom do we think should care for making us reach at our desired satisfaction levels? The management institute whom we think is the job placement producing machine? Or the economy which happen to slowdown when it was your turn to get placed? Or some other macroeconomic factors? Or at the end will you also blame to the country itself?

And the similar such questions to each field and here we start analyzing the questions to drive down to a refined answer. We always follow a Top down approach when it comes to put blame for the circumstances we are in.

We start from the top and start blaming it. We blame the university, the economy and finally the Indian nation at the end. But ideally we are very wrong in this approach.

Why don’t we try the Bottom Up Approach. According to it whosoever is at the bottom is the most responsible for the situation and it gradually passes to the top. Now if we follow this process of blame, we are the first ones to be blamed. We cannot say that we are 100% responsible for everything but when will that day come when we ourselves will start taking responsibility of our work. We are not even ready to take our part of responsibility then how can we blame others at the top? How can we blame the country and its economy?

We definitely need to change the set up. But who will change it? Our nation? NO! It is “Us” who will change. The change should start within you. Let us stop putting blames on peers, on sorroundings on the nation and let US BE THE NATION.

We are the torch bearers of our nation and if we will start blaming the central powers then the same trend will pass on. Our future generations will blame us and so on. Let us move from this Top Down Blame game to the Bottom Up Approach. Let us be the change.

We are blessed to be born in a country which is indirectly the pool of opportunities. Let us take an example of changing our ideologies and thinking.

  1. India is the largest importer of arms and ammunitions. There can be two ways to view this statement. First, it is not so good from the point of view of economy and defence strategy. Second, and the bottom up approach: Why can’t we untap the field of defence. Why cannot we unlock the field of defence to start our own business?
  2. India is highly technologically dependent and if the US and the US economy stops its outsourcing business, we are at the precarious condition. Again the two approaches. First, the Top Down: I am an IT employee and I lost the job because of economy. Second, the Bottom Up: Till now I was dependent and lagged the other skills to generate IT business and untap the field of automation but now I have an opportunity and I can build that potential.
  3. China is posing biggest trouble in manufacturing being one of the cheapest and largest producer of goods. Aspect_TopDown: India is too much dependent on other economy. Second approach, bottom up, let us take the priviledge of Make In India and Start Up India to start our own business to help the economy.

We just had only  three examples but the sole point is to begin with us. Forget all the approaches, forget all the ideologies but at the end we bear the responsibility of our nation. The nation is our pride and we are responsible to maintain that pride. India is definitely free since 15 August, 1947 but India is still not fully independent in any which aspects  like defence, technology, manufacturing etc. But it is now our responsibility to make India Truly independent and not let the history repeat. We should be independent in trade and we should have a fair share of business in world economy and that is not the country’s responsibility but it is our own responsibility. PM Modi mentioned that India is has the largest youth and expects a lot from us. We, being the youth of India should make ourselves responsible enough to remove the stigmas from the economy and each field and to create new opportunity  to move towards the New India.

We, most of us are a common man of India but let us take a vow to make ourselves a special citizen of India who wil stop blaming the country and move ahead to eradicate problems from economy. Let us take pride of our field whichever we are in, engineering and tech, management, medical etc and build potential to bring newer opportunity. Let us emerge from job seekers to job givers. Let us move towards a New India.

Jay Hind!


India is free but is it truly Independent?


The World of Digital Marketing

It is a tough competition among various shampoo brands and they are always trying to catch customers attention with a motive to get their own bottle seek maximum attention and get picked in a departmental store. It all depends on how they promote and project itself in eye of a customer to provide them, silkier, smoother, straightened and all sort of quality hair texture which ones wishes to have

With the two way interactive interface provided by social media platform, the shampoo brands have come up with different story telling campaigns since 2013

Have a look at few of them below

  1. Sunsilk virtual interactive hair studio on YouTubeSunsilk came up with its shampoo product that provides salon style hair at home with its Karitinology  technique. . To promote this Sunsilk created a virtual salon on YouTube and provided best salon style treatments and recommended various products for lovely hairs

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A Daughter’s Dream!

Well today just a mere transit in Auto Rickshaw made me realize how lucky I am…

I was going home from somewhere in Shared Auto with some two ladies. One was in her 40s and another was a bit older than me. We all were unknown to each other.

The Auto Rickshaw driver had put on loud music and suddenly my phone ranged and it was my mother. The driver was generous enough and he decreased the volume for me. My mother was asking me about some packing stuff that I needed to carry to Indore! I hanged up after a while saying “Mumma, I am shifting Indore and not USA! Its not somewhere, where you can’t meet me for long.” and meanwhile I didn’t realise since when were those two ladies staring at me.

Suddenly, before the driver could increase the volume of music the younger one started talking to me. She said “Moving Indore? Madhya Pradesh Right?”

I said “Yes! MP!”

She said “oh! Lovely place I must say. You will have good time there. Good City.”

I couldn’t resist to ask her “Have you been there?”

She immedietly chuckled “Yea! My elder sister is married there. My brother in law has got posting to Indore.”

I replied positively  “Hmm… okkay”

Soon the elder lady interrupted “Indore? So far! You got married there?”

I was terrified. Oh no! Not again!

I took some courage to face this awkward situation(which of course I have face a few times before), that has already dragged me to be a part of it. I replied “No aunty! Further studies.  Going there for MBA. I Got admission in IIM there.”

The younger one raised her eyebrow in surprise and said “IIM? Great!”

But the elder one again interrupted “Achha Further studies. I thought you must be around  23 24 in age. So I supposed you are getting married.”

Oh no! How can I say? I am 23 only. Does it make any difference?

I replied “Yes aunty! I am 23 year old.”

She was shocked as if I have committed a crime.

She continued “Hmm… okay! But don’t you want to get married? My daughter got married just now. She is 22! I mean…you should think about it. And on the top of all you are beautiful.”

What? I am beautiful? Obviously I am! Haha.. who denies that. But what does that mean? Oh no! I want to get out of this ASAP!!

And thank God! Here it is! My destination. I jumped out of the Auto and politely replied to that ladies while paying money to the driver “Yes aunty. Obviously I want to get married but may be not now. For now career on the first priority.  By the way thanks both of you. It was a great company though for a short while.”

And soon that rickshaw went out of my sight. I don’t know why but I was sweating. I was feeling like I have just come out after giving the worst stress interview ever. I thought it again… May be I am exaggerating the thing.

But then why am I so embarrassed with this? I have faced such situations earlier also but then why has this thing been so impactful to me?

I had reached home by that time and was in no mood to talk to anyone. Luckily no one was there. I went straight to my room and sat. My head was pounding. I had a glass of water and tried to analyse the situation. The first thing that came to my mind that I was damn lucky to get such parents who actually understand me. The next thing that saddened me was that apart from me there must be many girls across India who are actually not allowed to take their own decisions.

In fact half of the girls would never have thought that even they can take their own decisions because most of the time they only learnt to follow the decisions taken by others. Apart from that, there is very blind myth in major part of the society that, a girl, a beautiful girl, in an age group of 21-24 or say any range, should be married as soon as possible. Why? Isn’t she good enough to do something of her own? Can she not be anything more than a marriage material? Why does she need to be dependent on the bucks earned by someone else if she can earn her own?

I am in no case against the system of marriage. And I even don’t say that a girl can’t marry at an age of 21-24. She can! But if she really wishes so!  Even I don’t say that parents guide a daughter in a wrong way of marriage. No! They are the best guides and obviously if a daughter is really interested getting married and if that is what she likes, she should be married immedietly..

But the only thing that hinders me in my mind is the predominant myths of the society. I solely mean that if your son can choose his age of getting married, if he gets all the freedom to persue her career, than why not your daughter? She bears all right to marry at any age from 21-28 29 30 as per her choice if she is serious enough for her life.

Thanks to my parents and to the parents of all those proud daughters who got a chance to choose their own way of life. I am pretty much sure that even after few years also, there will be one more girl alike me who will face the same embarrassment let it be from her parents or from others but I really hope that all parents will one day proudly say that yes “Our daughter is going to hostel!” or “Our daughter is following her passion”. I really hope that one day all Indian parents will proudly say, that our daughter is shifting for exploring her career!

A heartiest thanks to the parents who proudly allow their daughters to choose their own way and a humble request to the parents who are yet to do that. I am not that old to convey such things, but may be this is something many of the daughters might have felt. No offence to anyone but  let’s hope for a more enlightened India!

Let the daughters of India live their Dreams!!

A Daughter’s Dream!


Sometimes a small morning walk teaches you some simple yet astonishing things.  Today I was walking in a park and one sweet and small family was enjoying their summer vacation mornings in that park on one bench. I heard a small boy talking to his parents, he said: “Mom! Let’s go home, I need to watch my cartoon Doremon.”

His mother promptly started mocking at her son and her husband, “Son! What’s this, all day cartoon cartoon, doremon pokemon, I can’t take this. Watch whatever you want but tonight please forgive the TV for one hour, I want to watch my serial. After all don’t forget ITS MY TV too. ”.

And soon the husband flamed up “NO NO NO dear! No cartoon no serial, TV is mine for the nights, I can’t leave my PEPSI IPL just because of your silly cartoons and daily soaps. I get time to watch it only in night time and you both want to watch such things. NO! ITS MY TV too. Don’t miss out.”… and there began a row.

I left that place and tried to concentrate on my speed and thought How can they spoil there morning on a silly quarrel , that too on a TV!. Then I had a pool of thoughts flowing in my mind, I thought, why don’t they purchase a second TV? Then again I admonished myself, May be they can’t afford or may be they never thought of it? Well! This is not only their story, its infact the story of every home and every family. Perhaps, we only complicate our lives.

Moving ahead with my thoughts, I realized that my walking speed has drastically reduced, and I soon turned back and took a glance of that family and to my surprise! They were happy again! How? I was so astonished that their row made my mind flodded with thoughts and complications and they have sorted up the problem so quickly? How did that happen? I could not stop myself walking back in reverse direction to know what was actually going there. When I passed them again, they were probably leaving for their home and I heard the boy saying his mother “Mom, let’s go home, we have to finish all daily chores by evening so that we can all sit together tonight and watch TV when Dad comes back from his work”

And soon his mother replied “Yes dear, I will cook some food earlier” And the boy giggled “YAYYYYY!!! Mom Dad, we gonna have fun time watching cartoons first, then Mom’s serials and Then Pepsi IPL .. Hurray! I am going to have a fun family time with my TV tonight.” And that boy hold his mother and fathers hand and started swinging in between with joy and soon they went away.  That family went and left a deep yet positive pool of thoughts in my mind this time. I could not resist editing that boy’s words IT’S OUR TV. That sweet family gave answers to all my questions which I had earlier. It’s a TV, a single TV that keeps them connected and there I was, stupidly thinking why didn’t they purchase yet another TV. Today we have our personal TV, personal room, Personal dining, personal, personal and personal, what not? If that family would have purchased another TV may be, Yes, They might not have fought but then they would never had that “fun family time” together.

We lock ourselves so much in our own priorities, our own schedule that we forget the simple things which can lead us to fun and joy almost everyday. Today it was a TV for them, but it can be anything another day. We can’t wait for others in lunch and dinner out of hunger and take our meal as per our priorities and our timing, sitting alone and eating wryly. But have we ever thought what would have happened if we sustain our hunger for few more minutes and wait for all members to come and eat together? Probably yes, we might get more hungry, we might have to bear it, but that togetherness will your lunch or dinner may fill your stomach with the joy so describable.

And so, here It goes, better to have “It’s Our TV” THEN a personal and lonely “It’s MY TV” at our homes for happy lives. I had my happy morning and a splendid day writing this and beginning y way to follow my passion. Hope you all admire it and have a good day!